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You’ve heard about the natural beauty of Somalia and are ready to book your tickets. But with limited infrastructure, navigating the domestic air travel scene in Somalia can be tricky. Not to worry, we’ve got you covered. Let’s delve into the world of domestic airlines in Somalia and discover the best airlines that connect this beautiful nation’s cities and towns. So, sit back, relax, and let’s take flight

Whether you want to hop around the Bajuni Islands or make your way to the historic city of Berbera, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about which airline to choose based on your budget and destination. Domestic air travel in Somalia may be basic, but with the right information, you can breeze through the experience. Read on for the ultimate guide to flying with Somali Land Airlines.


List of Top 5 Domestic Airlines in Somalia

Looking to explore the best domestic airlines in Somalia? We’ve got you covered. Check out our handpicked list of the top 5 airlines, ensuring a seamless travel experience for your wanderlust soul. Let’s take flight!

S. No.  List of airlines  Destinations  Headquarters Fleet Size 
1. Dalmar Air Eight HEMA Building 1st Street, Durya, 26-June, Hargeisa, Somaliland One
2. Daallo Airlines Nine Dubai, United Arab Emirates One
3. Jubba Airways Thirteen Nairobi, Kenya Two
4. Skyward Express Eight Wilson Airport, Nairobi Eight
5. African Express Airways Seven Nairobi, Kenya Five


Dalmar Air

Dalmar Air is a reputable domestic airline serving various destinations within Somali Land. Whether you are planning a business trip or a leisurely getaway, Dalmar Air’s convenient charter flights to some of the most sought-after locations, including Hargeisa, Burco, Erigavo, Garowe, Bosaso, Galkacyo, Aden, and Mogadishu.

One of the many perks of flying with Dalmar Air is the inclusive fares, covering both checked and carry-on baggage, eliminating the hassle of additional fees. Additionally, passengers can look forward to enjoying a wholesome snack on every flight, ensuring a pleasant and nourishing travel experience. With a strong commitment to passenger satisfaction, Dalmar Air takes great pride in maintaining the highest standards of safety and hygiene on board, guaranteeing peace of mind throughout the journey.

Booking a flight with Dalmar Air is a breeze, thanks to their user-friendly online platform, which provides 24-hour access without any booking fees. This allows customers to easily plan their trips and choose from affordable fares and flexible fare options to suit their individual preferences. With Dalmar Air, flying becomes more than just a means of transportation; it transforms into a delightful experience that prioritises passenger comfort and convenience.


Daallo Airlines

Daallo Airlines is Somalia’s largest domestic airline, operating scheduled flights to over 9 destinations within the country, as well as international flights to nearby Djibouti and Kenya.

You can book Daallo Airlines tickets on their official website or through local travel agencies in Somalia. Fares are typically very affordable, ranging from $230 to $400 for a one-way domestic flight, depending on the route. The check-in cutoff is 1 hour before departure for domestic flights and 2 hours before for international. The baggage allowance is 20 kg for economy class passengers.

With Daallo’s extensive network, reasonable fares, and efforts to boost safety, they aim to make air travel more accessible for all Somalis. While still a work in progress, Daallo is helping connect communities and facilitate business in this recovering nation.


Jubba Airways

Jubba Airways is a Somali airline offering domestic flights to major cities across the country as well as international service to destinations like Dubai and Jeddah. Founded in 1998, Jubba Airways has a fleet of two aircraft and operates out of Aden Adde International Airport in Mogadishu.

If you’re looking to travel within Somalia, Jubba Airways offers the most routes and schedules to choose from. They fly to Hargeisa, Berbera, Bosaso, Galkayo, Beledweyne and Kismayo several times a week. Flight time is usually under two hours, so you can get where you need to go without a long layover. The airline has a safe track record and experienced pilots, though some old planes can be a bit cramped. For the best deals, book your tickets in advance on their website.


Skyward Express

Skyward Express is owned by a private airline that provides domestic plane services within Somalia.  You can book Skyward Express flights on their official website, via local travel agencies in Mogadishu or directly at their ticket offices. One-way and roundtrip fares are available for all domestic routes. Skyward Express also frequently offers special fare sales and promotions on certain routes, so look for deals and discounts on their website and social media pages.

Overall, Skyward Express provides essential air connectivity within Somalia and continues to play an important role in developing the country’s aviation industry despite ongoing security issues and economic difficulties. By offering safe, reliable and affordable flight services, Skyward Express makes domestic travel more accessible for Somalis and helps boost business and tourism.


African Express Airways

African Express Airways is Somalia’s largest privately-owned airline, operating domestic and international flights out of Mogadishu’s Aden Adde International Airport. Founded in 1986, the airline currently serves major cities across Somalia and select destinations in Kenya, Ethiopia, Djibouti, and the United Arab Emirates.

Its mid-size, narrow-body aircraft are well suited for the airline’s domestic and short-haul international routes with amenities like in-flight entertainment systems, allowing for a more comfortable passenger experience on longer flights to Dubai and Addis Ababa.

African Express Airways is considered one of the safer airlines in Somalia due to its relatively modern fleet and pilot training programs. However, some concerns have been raised over limited government oversight and regulation. As with any carrier in Somalia, there are risks to flying, so passengers are advised to exercise caution.



Flying domestically within Somalia can bring up a lot of questions for first-time travellers. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions to help put you at ease.

Are there luggage restrictions for domestic flights?

Most domestic airlines in Somalia allow one carry-on bag and one checked bag free of charge. Carry-on bags should not exceed 22 pounds or certain size dimensions to fit in the overhead bin or under the seat in front of you. Checked bags typically cannot exceed 50 pounds. Some airlines may have more generous or restricted policies, so check with your specific airline.

Are there any cheap flights available for domestic travel in Somalia?

Yes, you can find cheap flights for domestic travel in Somalia offered by various airlines.

Can you recommend a reliable domestic airline for travel within Somalia?

Dalmar Air is a reliable domestic airline in Somalia known for its good service and safety record.

How early should I arrive at the airport for my domestic flight?

For domestic flights, it is recommended you should arrive at the airport at least 1 to 2 hours before your scheduled departure time. This allows you to check in your luggage, get through security, and find your gate. The check-in counter normally shuts 45 minutes before departure, so plan accordingly, especially if you need to check bags.

Do these answers address some of your questions regarding domestic air travel within Somalia? If you have any other concerns or queries, feel free to share them in the comment section below. Safe travels!



So there you have it, the only guide you need to navigate domestic air travel within Somalia. Whether you’re looking to hop around the Islands or need to jet from Hargeisa to Mogadishu for business, you now know which airlines connect Somalia’s cities and towns. While safety standards and on-time performance may not match international carriers, these domestic airlines provide a crucial service, connecting Somalia’s scattered population across its vast territory.

Next time you need to travel within Somalia, just refer to this guide, book your ticket, pack your bags and get ready to soar above the landscapes of this historic East African nation.  To know more about domestic airlines, contact us directly. The friendly skies of Somalia await!


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