Charter Services

Your business has its own unique set of requirements when it comes to travel and transport. Making sure that your people and equipment get to where they need to be quickly and safely does not have to be a headache for your logistics team. Dalmar Air will tailor specific charter flight itineraries for your business. We’ll help you deliver exactly what you need, when you need it.

Operate with Versatility & Efficiency

A private charter jet is both versatile and efficient. Flying with Dalmar Air will give you complete flexibility around when and where you, your staff or equipment fly. With less time being spent on queuing to board, security screenings and transfers, you’ll be back to working on your core business in no time.

Whether it be supporting your fly in fly out workforce operations, delivering some urgent merchandise or machinery to ensure production continues, or transporting a critically ill patient, Dalmar Air takes the stress out of the process. Just tell us what you want, where you want it and by when, and leave the details to us.

Personalised Jet Charter Programs

We pride ourselves on our personalised customer service and impeccable safety record. We look forward to getting to know you and discovering how we can help. From one off to regular scheduled flights, if you need an aircraft, we have one available, any time – anywhere, with as little as an hours’ notice.

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To request a quote or more information, please email with the following details:

Your name, email and phone number

Flight origin and destination

Date/s of departure/s

Flight departure time (if relevant)

Approximate number of passengers per flight

Amount of checked baggage needed per passenger (in kg)

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